Five on Friday

PHOTO OF THE WEEK | I snapped this Tuesday morning before heading to the sitter’s. Kindly ignore our dead front lawn and focus on that rainbow! It was much appreciated after several days of gross, rainy weather. This picture reminds me of why I love my tiny but absolutely beautiful community. 

PURCHASE OF THE WEEK | Technically these were purchased last week, but they showed up in my mailbox earlier this week. I was once totally againt LuLaRoe, but after buying a pair of leggings from my cousin Hannah’s online party I’m hooked. I saw this fun pair on Instagram and started hunting for them all over Facebook. Hannah actually ended up finding them for me! This is not a pair I would wear out in public(okay, *maybe* I would wear them to yoga), but they were just too fun to pass up!

MISS MERRITT | You’d never guess this smiling babe woke up with a little fever this morning. This was the first time she’s ran a fever so of course I was on the phone with the pediatrician’s office at 6AM! She had no other symptoms of sickness, and  we agreed that she should stay with me today so I could monitor the situation. Thankfully her temperature was back within a normal range by the afternoon! 

MAMA STUFF | At three months postpartum, I have seven pounds to lose before I’m back to what I weighted at my first prenatal appointment. Ultimately, however,a loss of about 30 lbs is what I need to be in a healthier place. I downloaded the Sweat with Kayla app and am anxious to go through the free trial period to see if it’s something I can manage! If you’ve tried the BBG, I would love to hear about it!

WEEKEND PLANS | It’s a very special weekend for us because we are having Merritt baptized on Sunday! Infant baptism is encouraged by the United Methodist Church, and it is a way for Jesse and I to confirm our intentions to raise her in a Christian environment and encourage her to have her own personal relationship with Christ. We met with our pastor a few weeks ago to discuss everything, and I think it’s especially sweet that the same pastor that married us will be the one to baptize our precious girl! Plus, I can’t lie – I am so looking forward to seeing her in this darling dress and bonnet.


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