Heart Thoughts

When I started to write this post I couldn’t quite find the words for what I really wanted to say. Then I read my morning devotional, and there they were. DUH. Seek answers from the Lord, and he will provide them Every. Single. Time.

I am subscribed to this daily devotional that shows up in my email each morning. I often feel like a particular one was written just for me, and today is one of those times. I needed to read those words, and i needed to read them at the very moment in which i did.

“The hope of glory, Jesus Christ, is not in us just to hang out. He is in us to be worked out into the world. ”

What started as a sweet comment from a friend on an instagram post (thanks, Diana!) has worked its way into my soul and become a great desire to share my heart. She casually mentioned that I should start blogging again once Merritt was born. While I loved the idea, I kept putting it off because i couldn’t think of a “name” for said blog, I didn’t have a domain purchased, I hadn’t created the perfect design for it, etc., but if you look for excuses, excuses will abound. After reading my devotional this morning, I decided I don’t want my ideas, my dreams, my passions, to just hang out in my head, waiting until all is “perfect” before sharing them with you. “Perfect” is never going to happen! Having Merritt has made me more aware than ever how quickly our earthly time passes, and while I long for the day that we are all called Home, I also want to take full advantage of the now.

I’m not certain how I will use this space just yet, or rather how God will use me in this space, but I  hope you will join me and we can find out together!



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