Merritt’s First Month


How is it possible that our baby is already a whole month old? Although we celebrated her first month of life with an emergency trip to the pediatrician, an antibiotic prescription, and a shot four weeks earlier than expected (story for another day), the past month with our daughter has been magical.

Merritt weighs a whopping 8 pounds, 4 ounces! It’s hard for me to believe that many women birth their babies at the weight that my baby is now! She has graduated from preemie diapers and clothing to newborn diapers and nb/0-3m clothing! Her head is still too little for most of her bows but it’s growing every day!

Her eyes are still a deep blue/green color, but I think we are going to have another brown-eyed girl in the family soon enough! Her eyelashes are getting longer and longer! I get up close and stare at them while she sleeps (#creepymom). Her face has narrowed a bit like daddy’s!

We made it through our first month of EBF! It gets easier every day and we are becoming quite the nursing team. She eats every 3ish hours during the day and wakes one to two times to nurse during the night as well. I’m going to miss nursing her during the day when I go back to work. I am already pumping and Jesse has been giving her bottles occasionally. At the suggestion of the pediatrician, we introduced the pacifier at 2 weeks and it has really helped soothe her when she is extra fussy. We haven’t experienced any confusion so I hope we’re in the clear!

She loves to nap on my chest or in her Rock n Play with a lullaby on. When she’s not sleeping, our girl is a wiggle worm! She no longer likes to be swaddled and easily breaks out if we try to wrap her up. She enjoys laying on her back and kicking her legs and flapping her arms like a little bird!

Daddy loves showing her off whenever possible so we have been out and about quite a bit! In her first month Merritt has been to Mimi and Papa’s several times, caught a Tech game at Jimmy & Liz’s, participated in trivia night at the coffee shop, strolled through the park with mommy and daddy, survived her first trip to wally world, shopped ’til she dropped in Christiansburg, and dreamed about her first taste of queso at the mexican restaurant!

A few other firsts included:

  • first bath in her pink tub! She loves the water just like mama!
  • first Halloween! “Aunt” Erika made her a “wicked cute” onesie and we celebrated by sitting at home and hiding from the trick-or-treaters! Ha!
  • first blowout diaper…and ruined onesie!

It wasn’t always easy and at times it was downright HARD. There were days where I felt like a huge failure and I cried more than I’d like to admit, but our good days and all these sweet firsts will be remembered long after I’ve forgotten about the sleepless nights and my new mama fears.

It is such a joy to watch our girl grow. Thank you, Lord, for choosing us to be her parents!



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